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New Full Line Digital Solutions To Be Unveiled at Corrugated Week 2022

New Full Line Digital Solutions To Be Unveiled at Corrugated Week 2022


August 25, 2022 – Weyers Cave, VA A.G. Stacker, custom manufacturer of innovative material handling equipment and technology, will release new digital technologies for their full line of equipment at Corrugated Week 2022, Booth #807.  All CorrWeek attendees are invited to See into The Future of corrugated productivity and collaboration at the exhibition.

Corrugated Week is a conference exhibition that brings together leaders in corrugated manufacturing and converting. Co-hosted by AICC and TAPPI, the event will be held September 19-21,2022 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas.  A.G. is a proud Bronze Sponsor of Corrugated Week 2022 and a Sponsor of the Tuesday Night Rodeo Event and the Golf Tournament.

A new DUOdigital twin system developed for the eXT RDC stacker front end system, part of the new eSERIES equipment line, will be unveiled at the AG Booth #807. The patented eXT is modular, retrofittable and engineered for supreme sheet and scrap control at high RDC speeds, up to 20,000 KPH. Using the new digital twin systems, attendees can operate the eXT machine in a risk-free, virtual environment, view operator training processes, test job designs, and much more.  

SuperCorrExpo 2021 crowd favorite: eBREAK Bundle Breaker digital twin

A.G. will also unveil SIMCORRA™, a custom factory productivity simulation, tailored to the needs and goals of the corrugated industry.  New GO AG™ mobile app features will be showcased at the mobile technology station of the booth. The eBREAK bundle breaker DUOdigital twin and AR-enabled service demonstrations were crowd favorites at SuperCorrExpo 2021 and will return to Corrugated Week 2022. Refreshments will be served and A.G. sales, service and engineering staff will be onsite to discuss the the new systems and the future of the corrugated industry.  

“We had a great response to our digital twin systems at SuperCorrExpo 2021, and we look forward to taking that one step further this year at CorrWeek. With cutting-edge digital technologies connected to a full line of proven equipment solutions, we remain committed to innovating for the future of the industry,” concludes Joe Wunder, President.  

To learn more about AICC/TAPPI Corrugated Week 2022 and to register for the event, visit www.corrugatedweek.org. 

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A.G. Stacker Unveils New Equipment and Digital Technology at SuperCorrExpo 2021

A.G. Stacker Unveils New Equipment and Digital Technology at SuperCorrExpo 2021

– New fully electric, fully integrated equipment and technology prepares the way for a complete digital transformation of A.G. systems –

September 7, 2021 – Weyers Cave, VA  — Leader and innovator of sheet stacking equipment, A.G. Stacker, unveiled expanded equipment lines and digital technology at SuperCorrExpo 2021. The new equipment and technology include the fully electric eSERIES equipment line, AR, VR, and digital twin technologies, and last but not least the new A.G. mobile APP.

The star of the A.G. booth was the new, fully electric, fully integrated eSERIES equipment line. These new solutions are engineered without pits, pneumatics, or hydraulics, preparing the way for a complete digital transformation of A.G. systems. Using digital technology, SuperCorrExpo attendees interacted with the new eSERIES equipment: the eBREAK Bundle Breaker, eZF Load Former, eTAMP ServoTamp, and eXT Front End. These solutions are patented and/or patent pending, high speed systems engineered to increase safety, productivity, and connectivity for converters nationwide.

The DSS Divert & Separate system was another digital twin station attendees discovered at SuperCorrExpo. With the swipe of a finger and the push of a button, the DSS, along with the eTAMP ServoTamp, allow stacker adjustments at full production speeds, fast set ups and an order recipe recall system.

Using the new A.G. mobile APP, combined with AR technology, booth attendees explored these new systems using their mobile phones. The A.G. mobile APP empowers A.G. customers with important equipment information, maintenance, and training in the palm of their hand. In addition, the A.G. team gave demonstrations of their AR-assisted service options, using the new augmented reality headset for remote support.

Joe Wunder, President of A.G. Stacker states: “A.G. is committed to a digital transformation where engineering, design, service, production, training, and operations all are connected and available anywhere, at any time. We are confident our expanded equipment, technology and service options will help converters nationwide stay competitive and move forward in their own digital transformations. This is the technology of the future, and the future is now.”

To learn more about A.G. Stacker’s new equipment and technology, please contact Tim Connell, Director of Sales at (540) 234-6012 or tconnell@agstacker.com.

About A.G. Stacker Inc.

A.G. Stacker has been a leader and innovator in the custom manufacturing industry since 1996. Their primary focus is the design of full-line solutions and custom manufacturing of industrial machinery for corrugated material stacking and handling operations. A.G. manufactures its equipment in the USA in its entirety from engineering to assembly. Their commitment to innovation has led to over 20 patents along with numerous patents pending and innovative designs. For more information about A.G. Stacker, visit www.agstacker.com or call (540)234-6012.