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The XRI Stacker

Innovative design and heavy duty construction. An investment that will last decades.


Control Board


Remove Scrap


Stack Neatly

XRI Stacker Sizes

The XRI stacker is a versatile corrugated stacking machine available in the following sizes as well as customized and jumbo sizes:




XRI stacking machine no rail

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  • Capable of 13,500+ KPH

  • 4-Out Capability

  • Full Stack or Bundle Line

XRI Stacker Standard Features

  • Layboy Section
  • Accuset Layboy Arms
  • Zero Crush Snubbing Wheels
  • Solid Aluminum Backstop
  • Accurack
  • Powered Rollout
  • Intuitive HMI
AG Stacker XRI diagram

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  • Side Catchers
  • Deck Lock Out System
  • Intelligent Safety System
  • Remote Diagnostic System
  • Proportional Valve Hydraulics
  • Ergonomic Operator Station

XRI Stacker Optional Features

Sample Quality Rejection (SQR)

Automatic and manual ejection of samples to check for quality, making operators safe and accountable.

High-Speed Hopper Ejector (HSHE)

No feed interrupt for continuous operation with X12 scissor lift. Field tested at over 12,000 KPH.

Vision, Ventilated, Split Backstops

Carriage Style Snubbing Wheels

Lead Edge Guides

High Performance Layboy Section

Pitless X-12 Bundle Conveying System


IES Disconnect Hard Guarding

RDC Interface

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