High Speed Hopper Ejector HSHE

Available as a G3™ or XRI™ Stacker Upgrade

Paired with the Bundle Conveying System, the HSHE has the look and feel of a normal backstop and allows for the fastest cycle time when discharging or moving bundles.

No Feed Interrupts

Automatic Set Up

Fully Integrated

Patented Technology

The High Speed Hopper Ejector is a patented system that functions like an FFG counter ejector while running nicked together bundles. With no feed interrupts at speeds of up to 12,000 per hour, the HSHE is critical to running a profitable operation downstream.  With a backstop that integrates a second set of fingers, product can continue to move while the X12™ Lift Table cycles down and back to make room for the new bundle.

No Feed Interrupt for Continuous Operation
Stack Bundles at Over 12,000 KPH
New Log Every 8 Seconds
Fully Integrated with the X12™ + Bundle Conveyor System
Requires Bundle Conveyor System
high speed hopper ejector RDC

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