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eTAMP Servo-Tampers

Available as a G3 or XRI Stacker Upgrade

Don’t pause production! With the NEW eTAMP system, the operator no longer needs to set up tampers in the hopper – easily adjust all components of the hopper using the A.G. HMI. 

Adjustable at Full Production Speeds

Fully Electric, Fully Integrated

Mobile APP & Digital Twin Enabled

Patented Technology

Automatically set up an entire hopper section, dividers, side tampers, backstop, rear tamping using the new, fully electric eTAMP Servo Driven Tamper system from A.G. Stacker. This system is great for running multiples without a bundle breaker and for automated orders with a high percentage of 2, 3 or 4 out unnicked die cut orders that regularly repeat.

Digital Twin Enabled
Order Recipe Recall System
Adjustable at Full Production Speeds
Automatic Backstop, Tamper and Dividers
Increase Operator Safety



Systems in the NEW eSERIES product lines are fully electric, fully integrated high speed systems without pits, pneumatics or hydraulics. The eSERIES innovations prepare the way for a complete digital transformation of A.G. systems.

Fully Electric
Fully Integrated
No Pits, Hydraulics or Pneumatics
Digital Twin Enabled



With the eTAMP Servo Driven Tamper System you can made automatic adjustments at full speeds, along with job order recall, for your most profitable production floor yet!

Order Recipe Recall System
Intuitive Operator HMI
Automatic Backstop, Tamper and Dividers
Linear Motor with Multi-Axis Servo Control


A.G. Stacker has engineered a fully-functioning digital twin of the eTAMP Servo Driven Tamper System. Using the digital twin, customers can:

Train Operators
Collaborate with A.G. Engineers
Test Production Processes
Test Custom Designs
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Improve Efficiency in Your Operations


A.G. eTAMP System

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