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DUO™ Digital Twin Technology

DUO™ Digital Twins are custom digital blueprints of your A.G. equipment that allow your team to train, plan and collaborate in a risk-free virtual environment.

Risk-Free Operator Training

Hands-On Customer Collaboration

Engineering Design & Testing

Visual Planning Simulations

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

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Train your team using digital equipment, and eliminate the risk and waste associated with onboarding new operators. Increase uptime, improve safety, reduce waste and avoid equipment failures with DUO™ digital twins!

Pre-Install Training
New Equipment Training
Operator Onboarding
Cross Training
duo digital twin examples for collaboration


Innovate custom equipment and components using DUO’s visual collaboration capabilities. Work side-by-side with A.G. engineers to design and test equipment tailored to your needs.

Custom Equipment Innovation & Testing
Customer-Engineering Collaboration
duo digital twin examples for collaboration


Evaluate job configurations and optimize for your most efficient job order mix imaginable. Visualize key equipment options and test production runs in a risk-free environment.

Plan & Evaluate Order Mix Configurations
Run Digital Job Simulations

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A.G. is among the first to apply and effectively utilize digital twin technology on commissioned machines in the corrugated converting market. In 2022, A.G. Stacker was named the  Innovation in Utilization award winner by the Shenandoah Valley Technology Council (SVTC) for our DUO™ Digital Twin assets. Using this technology, A.G. customers can collaborate with A.G. engineers during the machine design process, improve operator training pre-install, test production runs/ configurations and more.  

DUO Digital Twins featured in Control Design Magazine

Published in the January 2022 Issue of Control Design Magazine, A.G. DUO Digital Twins were featured for their ability to assist not only with training and operator onboarding, but the enhanced experience of modeling and simulation capabilities to improve upon the sales and purchasing experience for A.G. and its customers.

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