X12 Pitless

Lift Conveyor

The X12 Vertical Lift Conveyor brings efficiency and safety to your corrugated material handling process, without pits! This fully automatic system is the solution you need to improve productivity, safety and stacker efficiency.


Heavy Duty

No Pits!

Ergonomic & Efficient

The X12 Pitless Lift Conveyor Table allows your stacking and feeding operations to run continuously and removes the need to wait for discharge and stacker reset.  Add in the safety and financial benefits of needing no pits and the X12 Lift Conveyor is a proven solution to streamline your infeed and outfeed process.

115″    |    125″ 

Custom Sizes Available

Reinforced and Balanced for Heavy Loads
No Pits Needed
Reduce Stacker Movement
Fully Integrated & Modular
Dramatically Improve Discharge Cycle Time
Integrated with ISS for Operator Safety



The infeed conveyor uses a powered fork truck station and all mesh top conveyors to move product to the X12 Lift Conveyor. Once on the X12, the lift automatically adjusts top-of-stack to the ideal height for operator feeding.


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