SRX Scrap Release Layboy

Available as a G3 or XRI Stacker Upgrade

The NEW SRX Scrap Release Layboy Section boasts an enhanced layboy and blower design that allows for increased scrap removal from the belt.

High Velocity Scrap Blowers

New Air Knife & Layboy Designs

Variable Speed Control

Patent-Pending Technology

Equipped with a new, engineered air knife design and scrap release layboy belt design, the SRX has a patent-pending gap built into the belt pulleys allowing scrap trapped under the belt, a relief area to fall. Assisted with a blast of air from the new air knife design, the belt pulley gaps are offset to maintain control of the sheet while allowing the most scrap to fall through. The HPLX is required for the SRX

High Velocity Scrap Blowers (4 x 5 HP)
New Engineered Air Knife Design, with Variable Speed Control
New Scrap Release Layboy Arm Belt Design
high speed hopper ejector RDC

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