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A.G. Stacker has been preparing the way for a complete digital transformation of A.G. Systems, whereby all operations, engineering, service and production are connected and available, any where at any time.

DUO™ Digital Twin Technology

GO AG™ Mobile APP

SIMCORRA™ Custom Factory Simulations

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

GO AG™ Digital Application

Your Tech. Your Way.

The GO AG™ Digital App empowers your team to GO the long run (and short run too) with customizable collaboration, training, maintenance, and productivity tools available through any digitally-connected device.

duo digital twin examples for collaboration

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DUO™ Digital Twin Technology

Risk-Free Training, Collaboration & Planning

DUO™ Digital Twins are custom digital blueprints of your A.G. equipment that allow your team to train, plan and collaborate in a risk-free virtual environment.

SIMCORRA™ Factory Simulations

Visualize Your Most Productive Operations

Step into a fully custom virtual factory with SIMCORRA™, a digitally-empowered factory planning tool tailored to the corrugated industry.

AR virtual environment with equipment model

AR & VR Service Technologies

Digitally-empowered support and service

A.G. has begun a journey into the virtual world to better understand how this corrugated technology can improve equipment life, operator training and safety, sales, engineering, customer collaboration and much more.

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Improve Productivity & Efficiency in Your Operations


GO AG™ Digital Application

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