Augmented & Virtual Reality


A.G. has begun a journey into the virtual world to better understand how this corrugated technology can improve equipment life, operator training and safety, sales, engineering, customer collaboration and much more.

Augmented Reality Service Headset

AR-Enabled Service Collaboration

Augmented Reality Equipment Models

Virtual Factory

Augmented Reality Service Headset 

A.G. MAX Service customers can work with remote A.G. technicians using our high-tech AR Service Headset for next level troubleshooting and assistance.

Equipped with an HD camera
Equipped with integrated light
Equipped with built-in microphone
Equipped with high-fidelity speaker
AR virtual environment with equipment model

Augmented Reality Equipment Models

Virtual models of A.G. equipment help you better understand A.G. technology and how best to position your factory floor layout, as well as AR-enabled troubleshooting and maintenance.

View A.G. equipment on your shop floor in life-size augmented reality
Plan floor layout for maximum factory optimization
Zoom & rotate to find part numbers/access points for maintenance and service
Virtual Factory<br />

Virtual Factory Environment

Designed for training and planning, A.G. engineers have created a fully-equipped virtual factory environment for risk-free interaction with A.G. equipment and solutions.

Familiarize operators and leadership with A.G. equipment
Perfect for onboarding operators or non-production personnel
Safely test new production procedures in a risk-free virtual environment
Showcase your factory digitally to power your sales and recruiting efforts

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