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Divert & Separate System  DSS

Available as a G3 or XRI Stacker Upgrade

The Divert & Separate System is a patented transfer deck behind the layboy with eight arms, engineered to automatically divert & separate corrugated sheets coming off the stacker.

Automatically Divert & Separate

Adjustments at Full Production Speeds

Order Recipe Recall

Digital Twin Enabled

Patented Technology

Diverting adjustments with the swipe of a finger! With the new DSS, you can automatically divert and separate at full production speeds, along with order recipe recall.

Automatic Divert & Separate
Up to 4-Out Shingling Capability
Order Recipe Recall System
Fast, Reliable Set Up
Simple Swipe Touch Screen Set Up
divert & separate system
Recalls at the Touch of a Button
Adjustments at the Swipe of a Finger



A.G. Stacker has engineered a fully functioning digital twin of the Divert & Separate System. Using the digital twin, customers can benefit from:

Operator Training Simulations
A.G. Engineering Collaboration
Production Process Testing
R&D and Custom Designs


A.G. Stacker has invested in a mobile app, available as a service upgrade, for the DSS and many other A.G. systems. Using the mobile APP, customers can:

Parts Manuals & FAQs
In-App Service & Parts Requests
3D & Digital Twin Equipment Models
infeed conveyor brochure

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A.G. Divert & Separate System

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