January 21, 2022 Weyer’s Cave, VA USA – A.G. Stacker, custom manufacturer of robust material handling solutions for corrugated applications, was featured in the January 2022 issue of Control Design. The article showcases the successful collaboration between A.G. Stacker and Siemens on digital twin technology, as well as the expanded opportunities the technology provides manufacturers in the corrugated industry.

Control Design Featured Story

Control Design is a well-known automation and technology magazine with over 40,000 subscribers. Their editorials include topics on automation, digital technology, industrial controls, and original equipment manufacturing trends. On January 17, 2022, Control Design released a featured story titled “A.G. Stacker Expands Digital Twin Applications”, found at https://www.controldesign.com/articles/2022/a-g-stacker-expands-digital-twin-applications/.  Written by A.G. President, Joe Wunder, the article discusses the journey into developing digital equipment with Siemens and the expanded solutions that have stemmed from the technology’s wide range of capabilities.

Since 2020, A.G. Stacker has collaborated with Siemens, a globally renowned technology and automation innovator, to develop new digital twin assets for their material handling equipment. Though digital twin technology is traditionally known for its engineering benefits, A.G. has been able to expand their solution offerings with the new digital assets. Services such as pre-installation operator training, simulation testing and R&D, enhanced remote service and customer-engineering collaboration are just a few of the expanded business solutions made possible by the new technology. The Control Design article elaborates on each of these topics and is a recommended read for boxmakers seeking to better understand how digital twin technology can be used to improve equipment design/performance, technical service, and customer experience with their OEMs.

“For years, our team has worked incredibly hard to develop these new solutions and it’s great to see their hard work recognized in a publication like Control Design.  Being a featured story confirms that we are on the cutting edge of corrugated material handling technology and it motivates our team to continue testing the boundaries of innovation to better serve the industry,” concludes Wunder.

To read the full story in the Control Design, “A.G. Stacker Expands Digital Twin Applications”, visit https://www.controldesign.com/articles/2022/a-g-stacker-expands-digital-twin-applications/

To learn more about A.G. Stacker’s new equipment and technology, please contact Tim Connell, Director of Sales at (540) 234-6012 or tconnell@agstacker.com or visit the A.G. Stacker website at www.agstacker.com.

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