In the fast-moving environment of corrugated converting, creating a seamless interaction between various departments—from the machine floor to internal strategic hubs—is not just beneficial; it’s a necessity. The integration of digital collaboration solutions like A.G. Stacker’s GO AG™ application is revolutionizing how these interactions occur, fostering enhanced connectivity and communication that drive operational efficiency and productivity. Let’s take a look…

Breaking Down Silos with Technology

Historically, corrugated box production processes have been compartmentalized. The physical and informational disconnect between departments such as production, maintenance, accounting, shipping, and scheduling could be the source of various company inefficiencies and delays. When departments don’t have effective collaboration tools, employees can fail to empathize with the realities of their colleagues. Giving the right players visibility across company silos creates informed synergies that can lead to incredibly profitable operations.

Not only the sharing of knowledge, but the storage and retention of knowledge within your company is your data gold mine. As digital technology and manufacturing continue to collide, the quality and organization of your data will make all the difference. Add to this, the influx of top employees retiring, it’s important to capture the valuable knowledge from your veteran employees to build a solid training program for future ones.

New collaborative technologies like GO AG™ address these challenges head-on. By digitizing your communication flow and knowledge storage abilities, GO AG™ ensures that all departments can work together, where necessary to create a seamless business operation.

Enhancing Inter-Department Collaboration

The GO AG™ application facilitates collaborative communication across all departments. You can customize it for your specific processes and roles. It’s your tech – your way.

Here’s what that may look like:

  • First shift operators receive machine communication (KPIs, faults, etc) directly to GO AG, even if the event occurred on 2nd or 3rd shift.
  • Live and controlled revisions of manuals and processes to ensure operations is efficient, effective, and timely.
  • Project schedulers can check maintenance logs and recent machine feedback to better plan job orders and avoid down time.
  • Managers can upload parts & service manuals along with production and maintenance videos for operators and maintenance staff to view as needed.
  • And the list goes on!

With access and visibility to other departments, employees are empowered to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. From machine availability to employee allocation, purchasing to scheduling, you can find many synergies between departments and optimize them with the GO AG Digital Collaboration Application.

Fostering Continuous Improvement

Beyond the operational benefits, the connectivity fostered by GO AG™ aids in building a culture of continuous improvement. The ability to incorporate maintenance and training processes, that include photos, videos and screenshots, can speed up machine troubleshooting and operator onboarding for maximum operational efficiency.  Staff can continually focus on improving operations, adding to their knowledge base and building their team’s independence with every upload. With easier access to data, employees from other departments can also contribute to problem-solving and process optimization. This collaborative approach not only enhances employee engagement but also leads to innovations that might not emerge in a more siloed setting.

The data collected through GO AG™ also supports a deeper analysis of production trends, machine performance, and workflow efficiency. This intelligence can be leveraged to further refine processes, reduce waste, increase performance, and enhance product quality.

The GO AG™ Application That Does It All!

The A.G. Stacker’s GO AG™ application is the digital tool for corrugated converters to create a transformative impact in their processes, teamwork, and operations. By enhancing connectivity and facilitating inter-department communication and synergy, technologies like GO AG™ not only streamline production processes but also empower employees to perform at their best.

For boxmakers coordinating diverse roles, the ability to communicate effectively and share key information across departments is not merely an operational advantage; it is a strategic investment that requires technology. Discover the advantages of collaborative operations and stored tribal knowledge with GO AG™ Digital Productivity Application.

GO AG™ is designed to be customized to your unique processes, production mix and operations. With the GO AG app, boxmakers can take advantage of the following:

  • Customization – Create, save & upload custom information, not only for your A.G. equipment, but for all assets & departments!
  • Standardization – Retain, standardize and distribute key knowledge across multiple equipment lines & departments for streamlined operations.
  • Security – Using user permissions, Wifi IP list, data encryption and more, GO AG safeguards your data and restricts access to ensure the integrity of your most valuable files and procedures.
  • Digitization – Complete a full digital transformation with safe and secure access and distribution on any digitally connected device. iOS, Androis and Web enabled.

Are you ready to break down the silos and foster collaboration and innovation in your box plant? Talk to your A.G. sales representative about the GO AG Digital Application and to request a live software demonstration, visit