A.G. Stacker featured in Control Design January ‘22 Issue

A.G. Stacker featured in Control Design January ‘22 Issue

January 21, 2022 Weyer’s Cave, VA USA – A.G. Stacker, custom manufacturer of robust material handling solutions for corrugated applications, was featured in the January 2022 issue of Control Design. The article showcases the successful collaboration between A.G. Stacker and Siemens on digital twin technology, as well as the expanded opportunities the technology provides manufacturers in the corrugated industry.

Control Design Featured Story

Control Design is a well-known automation and technology magazine with over 40,000 subscribers. Their editorials include topics on automation, digital technology, industrial controls, and original equipment manufacturing trends. On January 17, 2022, Control Design released a featured story titled “A.G. Stacker Expands Digital Twin Applications”, found at https://www.controldesign.com/articles/2022/a-g-stacker-expands-digital-twin-applications/.  Written by A.G. President, Joe Wunder, the article discusses the journey into developing digital equipment with Siemens and the expanded solutions that have stemmed from the technology’s wide range of capabilities.

Since 2020, A.G. Stacker has collaborated with Siemens, a globally renowned technology and automation innovator, to develop new digital twin assets for their material handling equipment. Though digital twin technology is traditionally known for its engineering benefits, A.G. has been able to expand their solution offerings with the new digital assets. Services such as pre-installation operator training, simulation testing and R&D, enhanced remote service and customer-engineering collaboration are just a few of the expanded business solutions made possible by the new technology. The Control Design article elaborates on each of these topics and is a recommended read for boxmakers seeking to better understand how digital twin technology can be used to improve equipment design/performance, technical service, and customer experience with their OEMs.

“For years, our team has worked incredibly hard to develop these new solutions and it’s great to see their hard work recognized in a publication like Control Design.  Being a featured story confirms that we are on the cutting edge of corrugated material handling technology and it motivates our team to continue testing the boundaries of innovation to better serve the industry,” concludes Wunder.

To read the full story in the Control Design, “A.G. Stacker Expands Digital Twin Applications”, visit https://www.controldesign.com/articles/2022/a-g-stacker-expands-digital-twin-applications/

To learn more about A.G. Stacker’s new equipment and technology, please contact Tim Connell, Director of Sales at (540) 234-6012 or tconnell@agstacker.com or visit the A.G. Stacker website at www.agstacker.com.

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A.G. Stacker Reflects on 25 Years of Innovation

A.G. Stacker Reflects on 25 Years of Innovation

– Founded by Clarence and Helen Allen in 1996 with a Commitment to Innovation–

December 14, 2021 – Weyers Cave, VA— The year 2021 marks the 25th anniversary for A.G. Stacker, custom manufacturer and innovator of corrugated material handling equipment. Founded in 1996 by Clarence and Helen Allen, A.G. Stacker was created with a commitment to innovation that remains alive to this day.

A History of Innovation | 1996 – 2021

A.G. Stacker began as a full-service rigging company for custom plant moves, installations and redesigns. After years in the corrugated industry, the Allens gravitated towards innovation in rotary die cutter stackers and were inspired to pursue new, patent-seeking designs to improve the productivity, safety and longevity of this sector. With the first piece of original A.G. equipment released in 2000, the founders began selling and retrofitting stackers with A.G. equipment and upgrades. In 2007, the XRI Stacker came to market and has served as a proven stacker design that A.G. continues to build on to this day.

In 2008, A.G. received its first, of now 21, patents and currently has multiple patents pending with the USPTO. As the spirit of innovation continued to increase throughout the years, so did A.G.’s product offerings, with the addition of the X12 Pitless Lift Conveyor and the Bundle Conveyor System in 2012. In 2016, the G3 Stacker entered the market, building on the X12 platform and adding divert and separate, sample quality rejection and servo-driven tamper patented technologies to A.G.’s equipment lines.

New Digital Twin Technology unveiled at SuperCorrExpo 2021

With the appointment of Joe Wunder as President in 2017, A.G. shifted their innovation internally and put an emphasis on people, processes and technology. This sparked a full digital transformation whereby all A.G.’s operations, engineering, service and production are connected and available, any time and any where. By 2020, A.G. had developed multiple digital technologies, including augmented reality service options, a mobile application, a virtual reality factory environment, digital twin technologies and other internal processes. This set the stage for the new eSERIES equipment line – A.G.’s fully electric, fully integrated systems including the eBREAK Bundle Breaker and eZF Load Former – unveiled first at SuperCorrExpo in 2021. At the event, A.G. celebrated their 25th anniversary with many partners and customers with cake and drinks at their booth, as well as holding a party at their Weyer’s Cave, Virginia facility for employees, vendors and family.

25 Years of Achievements

In the past quarter century, A.G. has accomplished many notable achievements, including but not limited to the following:
• 21 Patents Issued with 10+ Patents Pending
• UL-508A Certification
• TUV Rheinland Certification
• A Feature on Fox Business News’ Manufacturing Marvels Segment
• An In-House Digital Innovations Lab equipped with digital twin, AR and VR technology
• 3 Digital Twin Assets and Counting


A Note from A.G. Leadership

Founders, Clarence and Helen Allen, in A.G. Stacker’s Weyers Cave, VA facility

“The key to our success these past 25 years is our people. Our Engineers continue to test the limits and bring new ideas to the table. Our production staff are some of the best welders, electricians and mechanics in the country and strive for excellence in their work. Our administration staff is eager to find new ways to improve efficiency and accuracy in our processes and procedures. And our sales representatives do an incredible job communicating the value of A.G. systems to our customers. We couldn’t have made it this far without them and we are incredibly thankful for the positive attitudes and creativity they bring to work every day. If you want to achieve 25 years of consistent growth and innovation, it’s all about investing in your people and the technology that makes their job easier.” Says Helen Allen, Co-Founder of A.G.

Clarence Allen, Co-Founder, adds “Thank you to our valued customers. Often, it is customer collaboration and feedback that has sparked the many innovations at A.G. and we’re so thankful for their openness and input. Together, we can continue to create systems and technology that converters truly want and need, for the next 25 years and beyond.“

Joe Wunder, President of A.G., states, “It’s amazing to see how far A.G. has come over the past 25 years and I’m honored to be apart of it. Our team is extremely passionate about what they do, and it shows. With the new digital transformation, the eSERIES equipment line and more innovations on the horizon, I have no doubt that A.G. will be leading the market in stacker and full line solutions for many years to come. Thank you to all of our valued customers, our awesome employees and our quality vendors and partners for helping us get to where we are today. The best is yet to come!”

A.G. Stacker Unveils New Equipment and Digital Technology at SuperCorrExpo 2021

A.G. Stacker Unveils New Equipment and Digital Technology at SuperCorrExpo 2021

– New fully electric, fully integrated equipment and technology prepares the way for a complete digital transformation of A.G. systems –

September 7, 2021 – Weyers Cave, VA  — Leader and innovator of sheet stacking equipment, A.G. Stacker, unveiled expanded equipment lines and digital technology at SuperCorrExpo 2021. The new equipment and technology include the fully electric eSERIES equipment line, AR, VR, and digital twin technologies, and last but not least the new A.G. mobile APP.

The star of the A.G. booth was the new, fully electric, fully integrated eSERIES equipment line. These new solutions are engineered without pits, pneumatics, or hydraulics, preparing the way for a complete digital transformation of A.G. systems. Using digital technology, SuperCorrExpo attendees interacted with the new eSERIES equipment: the eBREAK Bundle Breaker, eZF Load Former, eTAMP ServoTamp, and eXT Front End. These solutions are patented and/or patent pending, high speed systems engineered to increase safety, productivity, and connectivity for converters nationwide.

The DSS Divert & Separate system was another digital twin station attendees discovered at SuperCorrExpo. With the swipe of a finger and the push of a button, the DSS, along with the eTAMP ServoTamp, allow stacker adjustments at full production speeds, fast set ups and an order recipe recall system.

Using the new A.G. mobile APP, combined with AR technology, booth attendees explored these new systems using their mobile phones. The A.G. mobile APP empowers A.G. customers with important equipment information, maintenance, and training in the palm of their hand. In addition, the A.G. team gave demonstrations of their AR-assisted service options, using the new augmented reality headset for remote support.

Joe Wunder, President of A.G. Stacker states: “A.G. is committed to a digital transformation where engineering, design, service, production, training, and operations all are connected and available anywhere, at any time. We are confident our expanded equipment, technology and service options will help converters nationwide stay competitive and move forward in their own digital transformations. This is the technology of the future, and the future is now.”

To learn more about A.G. Stacker’s new equipment and technology, please contact Tim Connell, Director of Sales at (540) 234-6012 or tconnell@agstacker.com.

About A.G. Stacker Inc.

A.G. Stacker has been a leader and innovator in the custom manufacturing industry since 1996. Their primary focus is the design of full-line solutions and custom manufacturing of industrial machinery for corrugated material stacking and handling operations. A.G. manufactures its equipment in the USA in its entirety from engineering to assembly. Their commitment to innovation has led to over 20 patents along with numerous patents pending and innovative designs. For more information about A.G. Stacker, visit www.agstacker.com or call (540)234-6012.

(VIDEO) A.G. Stacker featured on “Manufacturing Marvels” Fox Business News

(VIDEO) A.G. Stacker featured on “Manufacturing Marvels” Fox Business News

May 18, 2020, the A.G. Stacker facility and team were featured on national television during “Manufacturing Marvels”, a segment of the Lou Dobbs Tonight Show on Fox Business News. We are proud to be featured as an American manufacturer with a commitment to innovation in stacking and material handling systems. Take a look at our first TV appearance and contact us today to discuss improving your efficiencies in your operations.

A.G. Stacker featured on “Manufacturing Marvels” Lou Dobbs Tonight Show on Fox Business News

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