A.G. Increases US Manufacturing with New Machining Technologies

A.G. Increases US Manufacturing with New Machining Technologies

Weyers Cave, VA – A.G., innovator of corrugated material handling equipment and technology, has increased their US manufacturing capabilities and capacity with the installation of multiple machining technologies. A.G. has purchased and installed new CNC machines, tube laser cutting machine, and a collaborative robot welder. These new assets will increase production capacity and efficiency, as well as further improve employee safety and manufacturing excellence at the company’s Weyers Cave facility.

The need to increase equipment and parts production rose as A.G. installed dozens of new eSERIES™ equipment across North America over the past 24 months. The new manufacturing assets are fast and fully automated to machine, cut, score, weld, etc. a variety of raw materials into A.G.’s patented systems. As a custom manufacturer with 28 patents, it is crucial that A.G. invests in technologies capable of machining their custom-designed parts and components in-house with precision, consistency, and efficiency. As a result of the new machines, A.G. has reduced lead times for several crucial components with no loss to part quality and precision –from 6 business days to as little as 1 business day!

Additionally, the new machinery also equips A.G. for increased production demands following the 2024 SuperCorrExpo tradeshow, occurring every 4 years. A.G. is proud to be an exhibitor and sponsor of the event and will be showcasing new equipment through presentations and demonstrations at booth #1115. Their presence at the 2021 SuperCorrExpo was a tremendous success, and the company is eager to showcase their corrugated innovations again at the 2024 show.

“With demand growing for our fully electric, fully integrated systems, A.G. will continue to invest in people, processes, and technologies needed for success. These new CNC, laser, and welding technologies will help solidify our reputation as a high-quality, US-based manufacturer committed to innovation,” says Joe Wunder, President at A.G.

For more information, visit www.agstacker.com.


About A.G. Stacker Inc.

A.G. Stacker has been a leader and innovator in the custom manufacturing industry since 1996. Their primary focus is the design of full-line solutions and custom manufacturing of industrial machinery and technology for corrugated material stacking and handling operations. A.G. is one of the first OEMs to successfully implement digital twin solutions for several of their equipment lines. A proud American manufacturer, A.G. engineers, fabricates, and assembles all equipment and parts in Weyers Cave, VA. With a deep commitment to innovation. A.G. holds 28 patents, along with numerous patents pending and innovative designs.

A.G. solutions include but are not limited to, the G3™ Stacker, the fully electric systems such as the eBREAK™ Bundle Breaker,d eZF™ Load Former, and the eXT™ Front End System, as well as the patented X12™ pitless lift conveyor and the newly enhanced bundle line conveying system.

For more information about A.G. Stacker, visit www.agstacker.com or call (540) 234-6012.

People, Processes and Technology: Creating a Culture of Innovation at A.G. Stacker, Inc.

People, Processes and Technology: Creating a Culture of Innovation at A.G. Stacker, Inc.

Since 1996, A.G. Stacker, Inc. has been committed to innovation. As a leader in the custom manufacturing industry, we are proud to have evolved into a multi-patent holding designer of full-line solutions and custom machinery for corrugated material stacking and handling operations.

The secret to our success, and many other businesses, is to have a culture of innovation that rings throughout the company. Culture is more than just state-of-the-art machinery and digital solutions. At A.G., there are three pillars that make up the foundation of our culture: People, Processes and Technology. Here’s how we’ve maintained the core value of innovation at A.G. for over 25 years.

People are the Key to Success

A.G. production staff collaborate in a clean, bright work environment

As a family-owned business, A.G. Stacker places an emphasis on trust, respect and having a good work-life balance. We take pride in treating all employees like family, listening to their needs, and equipping them with the innovative tools for growth. We offer 100% paid health, dental, disability and life insurance, 401(k) with company match, tuition assistance, continuing education opportunities, paid holidays, and time off, and stipends for tools and much more, often at no cost to the employee. A company that looks out for its employees will reap the benefits of staff loyalty and productivity all year long.

Safety is also a key component to creating a culture focused on people. If you don’t care about their safety, do you truly care at all? We think not. At A.G., we have invested in bright, clean production spaces, extensive onsite and digital twin training for new team members, separate workspaces for electrical safety and COBOT and CNC machines. Employees at A.G. know they can learn and develop new systems and technology in a clean, safe workspace, empowering them to test the limits of what’s possible. A.G. Stacker takes pride in their staff and recognizes their contribution to an innovative work culture.

Proven Processes and Key Areas of Focus

In 2017, A.G. Stacker shifted their focus internally, to further develop an innovative culture. This ultimately led to the full digital transformation that A.G. Stacker is now known for. The processes are synthesized down to four key areas of focus, essential to the company’s success.

Key Areas of Focus

We Build to Suit

Engineers at A.G. customize designs to the needs of our customers. Remaining open to new concepts or challenges is essential. We use our innovative DUO™ Digital Twin systems to collaborate with customers and custom engineer solutions built for their exact process goals.

We Build to Last

All A.G. systems are made from 100% quality steel

A.G. Stacker systems start with raw steel and are built in-house by an experienced team of builders. We’ve developed a national vendor network that keeps raw materials coming in and innovative solutions going out. All A.G. solutions are not only built to last the long haul, but also designed with features that will meet the speeds of future corrugated technology – up to 20,000 KPH!

We Stand Behind Our Systems

A.G. aims not only to deliver a best-in-class product, but also a level of service uncommon in the corrugated industry. Using CRM systems, our team has multiple service and support processes and technologies that empower our team to assist yours. The goal is to always be a trusted manufacturing partner, long after the asset is installed.

We Always Innovate

A.G. Received the 2022 SVTC Innovation Award for its DUO Digital Twin Technology

Holding over 25 patents, A.G. Stacker is proud to be incredibly innovative in our machine and technology offerings. We’ve empowered our team with both the processes and technology to achieve, but also the freedom to fail. To create anything innovative, you must give room for failure. At A.G. we use our digital twin assets to speed up the innovation process and reduce risk in the R&D stages of machine development.  Using these proven technologies, we continue to innovate new full line solutions for the future of corrugated.

These four key areas of process then connect back to the people pillar. A.G. Stacker employees develop the processes that lead to successful results, thus creating the majority of the company’s recipe for a culture of innovation.

Leading Innovation Through Technology Solutions

A.G.’s Digital Innovations Lab provides a space for learning, innovation, user feedback and machine optimization.

Since 2017, A.G. Stacker has been working toward a full digital transformation of A.G. Systems. The goal of this transformation is anywhere, anytime connectivity for operations, engineering, service, and production. We’ve created new technology solutions that not only empower our customers, but also empower our team. From the DUO™ digital twins assisting with R&D and engineering to our GO AG™ mobile application improving remote service, A.G. has developed technology solutions that create a culture of innovation.

A.G. Production Staff train with the new COBOT welding system

As stated, A.G. has also invested in multiple COBOT technologies and CNC machines that work alongside A.G. production staff to assist with safety and productivity. Using these manufacturing technologies, A.G. employees can build systems faster, safer and better.

In conclusion, we’ve discovered the recipe to creating a culture of innovation is People, Processes and Technology. When you invest in the right people, establish the best internal processes, and equip them with productive technology, the result is a company capable of achieving ultimate innovation.

“If you want to achieve 26 years of consistent growth and innovation, it’s all about investing in your people and the technology that makes their job easier,” concludes Clarence Allen, Co-Founder of A.G.

3 Ways the Right OEM Can Help US Boxmakers Combat Global Supply Chain Issues

3 Ways the Right OEM Can Help US Boxmakers Combat Global Supply Chain Issues

JP morgan global manufacturing PMI 2022

JP Morgan Global Manufacturing 2022 PMI shows lowest reading since October 2020.

Delayed orders, rush delivery rates, increased downtime and operator shortages are just some of the symptoms US boxmakers are experiencing with the global supply chain crisis in 2022. According to the recent J.P.Morgan Global Manufacturing PMI™, “Supply chain delays remained substantial in January, as average vendor lead times lengthened for the thirtieth month running.” Key findings in the report show, as of January 2022, the Manufacturing PMI is at a 15-month low – the lowest reading since October 2020. 

Now with rising tensions in Russia and the China shutdown due to growing COVID-19 cases, the global supply chain has become even more concerning.

With box manufacturers struggling to get their hands on new equipment, parts, consumables, and raw materials, American OEMs are finding innovative ways to combat this global issue. At A.G. Stacker, we believe choosing the right corrugated machinery partner is key to minimizing the effects of these shortages and remaining productive and profitable during these uncertain times. In this article, we discuss three ways the right OEM can help maximize your operations amid a volatile supply chain. 

Prepare With Digital Twin Technology 

When crisis calls, U.S. manufacturers have always answered with technology and innovation – this global supply chain issue calls for the same. One tool that is extremely useful is digital twin technology. Digital Twins take the exact blueprint of your machine and recreate it in a digital format. The system is developed with a complete replica of the specifications, component configurations, operator interface and more, unique to each machine. This allows your team to run a multitude of simulations that can assist with: 

  • New digital twin systems in commission for the eBREAK Bundle Breaker, eTAMP and DSS.

    Operator training before equipment arrival. Boxmakers can now train operators using the digital twin software, prior to equipment installation. Though OEM lead times may remain unsteady, operators can use the month(s) between purchase and installation to train. The faster your team is up to speed on the new equipment, the faster your operations can be more productive and profitable once the machine is in commission. 

  • Reduce waste and downtime by testing job runs through simulations. In a time of raw material shortages, no sheet can go to waste. Managers can now utilize digital twin technology to run new jobs with variable sheet sizes and shapes through the machine digitally. The simulations can help visualize areas of waste and inefficiency and inspire the most productive job configurations. 

Digital solutions available to boxmakers expand far beyond digital twin technology. Mobile applications, virtual factory environments, and equipment in augmented reality are just a few new technologies manufacturers are also using to better plan and prepare for the unpredictable future ahead. 

A.G. Stacker is among the first to apply and effectively utilize digital twin technology on commissioned machines in the corrugated converting market. With 3 digital twin assets and counting, A.G. is preparing the way with expanded business solutions tailored to the future of the industry. Learn about A.G.’s digital twin technology and other digital solutions, incuding the AG+ mobile app and AR/VR solutions, HERE. 

Adapt With Custom Machining Equipment 

Does your OEM machine, weld and fabricate all equipment in house? Or do they assemble the machine from parts and components manufactured outside of their facility? During a global supply chain predicament, equipment manufacturers capable of machining in-house have the upper hand, and so do the boxmakers that work with them.  

When lead times become longer and longer, assembly-only manufacturers have few options but to wait on the parts and components they need to build the equipment, causing lead times to become excessive for their customers.  

A.G. welders train on the new COBOT welder system, installed Fall 2021.

OEMs that manufacture 100% in house, like A.G. Stacker, have multiple options during material shortages and can quickly adapt to the supply chain environment. Machining OEMs can source steel, aluminum, brass and other raw materials from a variety of suppliers, rather than having a small pool of companies capable of manufacturing their exact parts. In emergencies, they can utilize readily available materials and machine them as temporary solutions until the raw materials arrive. Furthermore, with in-house engineers, OEMs can engineer retrofits and upgrades to adapt to the new global supply chain and reduce the need for unavailable materials.  

When parts and components are in short supply, OEMs with custom machining equipment can innovate their customers through the logistic nightmares haunting their purchasing team.

With a large fleet of machining equipment and an army of skilled operators, assemblers and engineers, A.G. Stacker has helped converter customers navigate the unsteady global supply chain of the 2020s, successfully. A.G. also recently installed a COBOT welder and HAAS CNC system for more efficient parts manufacturing, reducing lead times for the road ahead. See how our team fabricates material handling equipment in house in this Manufacturing Marvels TV segment featuring A.G. Stacker on Fox News. 

 Accelerate With American-Made Equipment 

As stated in the AICC 2022 Economic Report, “Supply chain constraints, raw material shortages and the spread of the omicron variant slowed activity in markets around the world.” As the COVID pandemic still looms over humanity, global sourcing has become a logistics horror.

A.G. Production Floor

Getting equipment, parts and consumables from manufacturers overseas often comes with long lead times due to the distance, trade constraints and paperwork associated with imports – and that was before the pandemic. With the added materials shortages in the global supply chain, boxmakers can easily fall behind on production goals while they are waiting, waiting and waiting for their international shipments to arrive.  

Many US boxmakers are turning to quality, domestic manufacturers for solutions that ease logistic constraints and accelerate lead times. With less procedural barriers, faster shipping times and local technicians on stand-by, partnering with a local OEM could save a ship load of time and money. American corrugated OEMs also understand the unique landscape of manufacturing in the USA and are better prepared to help you navigate the road ahead.  


Founded by Clarence and Helen Allen in 1996, A.G. Stacker machines and assembles all equipment and parts in our production facility in Weyers Cave, VA. Additionally, A.G. chooses American suppliers and technology vendors to partner with for quality assurance, synergy and collaborative innovation.

Prepare, Adapt and Accelerate through the Global Supply Chain Crisis with A.G. Stacker 

global supply chain remote service

A.G. Technicians offer remote support after the first eBREAK Bundle Breaker installation.

As box manufactures forge through uncertain supply chains, A.G. Stacker is preparing the way with technology-focused solutions. From digital twin technology to digital service, A.G. has developed digital technology solutions that keep operations moving forward. With the creation of digital twin assets for the eBREAK Bundle Breaker, eTAMP servo-driven tampers and divert & separate system, A.G. customers can take advantage of the digital twin training simulations to prepare operators before equipment arrival and plan new jobs with efficiency. 

A.G. will continue investing in more digital twin assets to optimize production planning and training for converters nationwide. Additionally, A.G. now offers expanded business solutions including VR, AR and a mobile application to empower converters with visual planning, training and collaboration tools.  

AG global supply chain welder blog

A.G.’s longest tenured welder wears his American flag shirt with pride while fabricating steel stacker frames.

A.G. takes great pride in being a 100% American manufacturer. All equipment, components and parts are machined, welded, and assembled in our Weyers Cave, VA facility, since inception. For 25 years we have remained committed to innovation in material handling equipment for corrugated board and have partnered with a network of American suppliers to support our production.  

With advanced digital technology, in-house machining capabilities, and a domestic location, A.G Stacker is ready to help you prepare, adapt and accelerate through the global supply chain crisis of our day and beyond.  Contact our team today to discuss your unique logistic challenges and production goals and we’ll collaborate with your team to innovate the best solution for your operations. 


Committed to Innovation. Committed to Service. Committed to You.

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